Breaking Cycles, Building Wisdom

A 12-Week Ayurvedic Program for
Personal Transformation and Health

New Program Starts January 2023!

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just plain over it? The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda will help you get your groove back! The ageless Yogis practice simple, easy to master habits that can help you cultivate vital life force energy, regenerate your body and mind, and liberate your spirit.

 During this program, you will learn habits that lead to deep restorative sleep, improved digestion, peace of mind, increased energy throughout the day, clearer thinking, more connected and loving relationships, drop excess weight, gain greater emotional resilience, enjoy clear and radiant skin, and feel calm and serene under any conditions.

 Ready to commit to a profound personal transformation?

Our 12-week Breaking Cycles, Building Wisdom Program will introduce you to proven, ancient Ayurvedic techniques, help you develop your own, unique practice, and refine and master 10 simple—yet life-changing—habits from Ayurveda that will enable you to thrive for a lifetime.


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Want to learn more before deciding? 

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When are weekly classes held?

Weekly group Zoom sessions held on Monday evenings at 6:30pm and Thursday midday at 11:30am. Sessions will be recorded so that if you must miss a session, the recording will be in your inbox the next day. BUT try to attend all the live sessions.

This transformative program begins the moment you register. You will receive a Welcome email with valuable resources and preparatory assignments that will set you up for success. Winter Session kicks off  on January 1st with Week 1 Orientation Email and your first group Zoom is Thursday, January 5th.  

It's a weekly reminder to take care of myself.

BCBW Program Participant

The group aspect has been immensely helpful.

BCBW Program Participant

I'm glad I did it!

BCBW Program Participant

It's a framework I can always return to no matter what is going on

BCBW Program Participant
Participants must sign a commitment to initiate registration:  BCBW Commitment Form.  Once you submit the form, one of us will reach out to you to finalize your registration.
Pricing options:

Winter Quarter – $1,200

Payment Plan of $400 x 3 months is available.