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Metamorphosis with Cindy Silverlock

October 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am - October 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Open to everyone, no experience needed.
October 12 – 13, 2019
Cost: $325, early bird $295 by August 1.

What you will learn:
How unconscious tension is the source of negative personality traits, addictions, toxic relationship dynamics, challenging issues, and the strained global dynamic.

You will also learn a gentle touch practice to address this tension. Metamorphosis is comprehensive, we work on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands, and head ~ the three ways we correspond with life; moving forward, doing/coping, and thinking.

Metamorphosis classes are open to all, no experience needed.
They are often of interest to: Individuals, Couples, Parents, Reflexologists, Holistic Practitioners, Midwives, Doulas, Hospice Workers, and those that work with special needs children, or animals. Metamorphosis is not a technique, and is best suited for those that are intuitively inclined or would like to develop this quality.

This class is great for your relationship and family dynamics: Metamorphosis offers a gentle, non-judgmental approach to letting go of unconscious tension. The degree of tension in a relationship or family is based on the collective degree of tension within each individual. As each person eases their tension, the relationship or household dynamics become healthier and more harmonious.

The emphasis is that we are easing deep seated tension. No one wants to feel singled out as the problem. The nice thing about Metamorphosis is it doesn’t focus on what, or who, is wrong; it just eases tension. Everyone has tension, and the use of this gentle loving touch makes everyone in your home feel happier and healthier.

This information changes how you view all relationships, past and present. Often the insightful information itself helps to ease the pain of past relationships.

About The Teacher:

Cindy Silverlock was introduced to Metamorphosis in 1989 and studied with the founder from 1989-1996. Metamorphosis has been the focus of her life and her passion has been unwavering. She has taught Metamorphosis throughout the USA, in Canada, Finland, and New Zealand. She knows this work in her bones and her teaching inspires!

She is the author of Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness through Touch and An Intro to Metamorphosis. Her books and DVD have sold world-wide.

Cindy has a unique ability to put the abstract nature of the work into everyday language. This allows Metamorphosis to be accessible to more people.


October 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am
October 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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The Teal Center at Randolph Towers


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