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“When the body is relaxed, it has the amazing ability to repair itself.” J. Mezzy

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Reflexology is often mistaken for simply “a good foot rub”. Admittedly, it is an excellent foot rub but it’s so much more. The truth is, our bodies are working all the time to put themselves right, to make themselves fully operational. The intelligence resident in our bodies is truly awe-inspiring.
Plenty of things get in the way of that work. One of the most common impediments (common enough to be called omnipresent) is stress. The body has to use critical resources to manage its response to your stress. Those resources aren’t available for anything else.
When you can bring your body, mind, and spirit into a state of relaxation you create a state in which your body can do its best work. You help it help you.
And, yes, reflexology helps to make that happen.
You don’t have to be a professional bodyworker to learn basic reflexology and use it on yourself, your friends, and your family. You just have to be willing to touch feet and work on them with the intention of bringing relaxation and peace. The odds are, there’s someone in your life you’d love to be able to do that for, even if that person is you (though it never feels quite as good as when you can relax and let someone else do the work on you)!
The core principle of reflexology is this: the major systems and areas of your body have corresponding (reflex) areas on your feet, hands, and ears. Rather than working each of those parts of your body, you can work its corresponding area on the feet / hands / ears and stimulate relaxation (and health) in that area.
Of course, in the process you’re also giving a killer foot rub! Easy, relaxing, and oh so pleasurable!
Juliebeth Mezzy’s weekend workshop helps you become competent in a full reflexology routine that touches the entire body. While she teaches a routine, you won’t get in trouble if you end up mixing things up a bit or have to go back and do something you missed the first time around. It’s fully flexible. The purpose of the routine is to teach you the basics in a way that flows well. It also focuses on body parts rather than body systems. That’s an easier place to start. Subsequent levels of the class get into more specific details about bodily systems.
Level 1 reflexology is more than just an introduction and it has no prerequisites. You’ll learn reflexology basics and draw foot charts to help you truly understand how to work a foot. You will get so much time to practice that you will walk out of the class ready to bring relaxation and health to the people in your life who need it.
Juliebeth says pronounced relaxation usually happens in a very short amount of time. Often people receiving the work go to sleep. She often sees people give a deep sign of relaxation after just 15 minutes of reflexology.
This is an introductory class but Juliebeth is adamant that it is a fully professional class. It’s appropriate for professional bodyworkers, practicing reflexologists, and the general public.
Juliebeth has been practicing reflexology for more than 22 years. She usually teaches at the Cayce Reilly School in Virginia Beach but she’ll be here at The Teal Center Friday, October 29th – Sunday, October 30th. Limber up those thumbs and come explore all you can do with reflexology.
Registration for the class opens on May 1 at:  https://v1.bookwhen.com/tealcenter

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