Current Rates

Individual Sessions

(Includes Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Reflexology)

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes


2 hours


Add-on 15 minutes



5 sessions for 30 minutes


savings $12.50

5 sessions for 45 minutes


savings of $45

5 sessions for 60 minutes


savings of $45

5 sessions for 75 minutes


savings of $40

5 sessions for 90 minutes


savings of $42.50

5 sessions for 120 minutes


savings of $100

Private Acupuncture

Initial session: up to 90 minutes


Follow-up session: 60 minutes


Community Acupuncture

Initial session: 60-75 minutes


Follow-up session: 45-60 minutes



Your acupuncturist may recommend a treatment plan therefore, we offer packages at a discounted rate. Please note only private payers are eligible for the packages. We cannot offer medical receipts for packages or community acupuncture.

Functional Health Coaching

Introductory Assessment - 30 minutes


Testing Admin Fee


Consultation - 60 minutes


Results and Recommendations - 90 minutes


Follow Up - 15 minutes


Follow Up - 30 minutes


Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Discovery Session - 15 minutes


conducted over the phone

Initial Hypnotherapy - 90 minutes


Hypnotherapy - 60 minutes


Past Life Regression - 90 minutes


Energy Medicine

Energy Kinesiology - 60 minutes


Sound Healing - 60 minutes


Akashic Records Reading - 60 minutes


Lifestream Generator

15 minute add-on


Stand-alone 15 minute session


6 days in one week, 15 minutes each session


Save 20%

PEMF Therapy

15 minute session


30 minute session


15 Minute Packages

4 sessions


savings of $30

8 sessions


savings of $80

12 sessions


savings of $120

30 Minute Packages

4 sessions


savings of $10

8 sessions


savings of $35

12 sessions


savings of $90

Private Acupuncture - 6 sessions


savings of $55

Community Acupuncture - 6 sessions


savings of $55

Community Acupuncture - 12 sessions


savings of $55

Insurance Information

Does the Teal Center take insurance?

No, the Teal Center does not participate with any insurance company. We are solely out of pocket, however, if you have a plan that covers what we offer,  we are able to provide a medical receipt to you at any time that you can submit for reimbursement.

My insurance covers what the Teal Center offers, so what would I have to do to get it covered?

The Teal Center does not submit to any insurance company so it is the clients responsibility to submit for reimbursement. We also recommend to check with your insurance company if anything is required for you to be reimbursed  such as a diagnosis code (or ICD-10 Code). If a diagnosis code is required for massage therapy, The Teal Center is not able to legally provide one as they can only come from a doctor or physician.  Once you have the code (if you need one), we can include it on our receipts.

Please note, because massage therapy is not always covered, we strongly encourage for you to check with your insurance prior to scheduling if reimbursement is a concern.

If you call your company, make sure they understand that you are discussing payment for massage therapy and not physical therapy.

What’s included on your medical receipts/insurance forms?

 We include your name, the date of service, the relevant procedure codes, our tax identification number, the therapist license number, and other information related to our center specifically. As referenced above, if you are required to have a diagnosis code for reimbursement, please obtain one from a physician.


Can I use my HSA/FSA cards?

Yes! We just again, recommend to check with your insurance company to make sure they will accept it as an acceptable use of the card.


When can I get my medical receipt?

That’s up to you! We can issue it after your service is completed or we can send them to you retroactively. Some clients prefer to get them all at once at the end of the year.


Can you provide a superbill?

Yes! We can provide a list of all your transactions/purchases with us, you just need to let us know what dates you need.


Any other questions? Feel free to give us a call at 703-522-7637 or email us at