Our Randolph Towers location is two blocks from the Ballston Metro Orange Line

We are easily accessible by public transportation or car.

Our Virginia Hospital Center is now closed.


If Driving with GPS

When using GPS to navigate to us, the directions may take you a few blocks from us. Please make sure to look up “Randolph Towers” rather than The Teal Center if our location does not show up on 9th Street North between Quincy & Randolph Streets.


Two-hour metered parking is available on the street and is FREE on Sundays.

We have complimentary parking available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The surface lot is located behind Randolph Towers off Quincy Street. To park in the lot, you must first obtain a token pass from the concierge desk.  To do this, pull into the circular drive at the front of the building and park your car there for a moment, step inside to the lobby area and inform the concierge staff you have an appointment at The Teal Center.   Once you park your car, there is a gate and back door available that will lead to the lobby area.

Parking is also available in local private garages for a fee.  If you’re attending a class we ask that you park at the Ballston Public Parking Garage located in Ballston Quarter, 627 N. Glebe Road.  If you’re able to exit the garage onto Wilson Blvd., it’s just a two-block walk to Randolph Towers.  Rates are approximately $1 an hour. Follow the link for details.

Find more options for nearby public parking here:  search for a parking garage.

From the Randolph Towers lobby, proceed to the 2nd floor either by stairs or elevator (located down the hall to the right from the lobby).  We are in Suite #230 at the end of the corridor.

The Teal Center strives to make suitable accommodations for a diversity of needs.


The Teal Center welcomes diversity. Languages represented by therapists at the Teal Center include Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Thai. Each therapist strives to listen to your needs carefully to collaborate and create the best results for you.


Each room is equipped with white noise machines. Please let the therapist know if you would prefer white noise and/or music or silence. The Teal Center waiting and treatment rooms are cell-free zones. All clients and therapists are asked to silence their phones while on the premises. Clients are encouraged to inform their therapist if they prefer different music.


Please let us know if you require hypoallergenic paraffin-free lotion. Heaters are provided on all tables. Therapists appreciate feedback and strive to work with clients to pair their professional knowledge with each client's personal preferences.


Clients with proprioceptive imbalances can see therapists specializing in neurological and sensory conditions. Heavy blankets, double sheets and/or pillow compressions or bolsters, for example, can be utilized where/as appropriate to enhance bodywork received.


Please let us know if you require lotions with natural ingredients, free of perfumes or if you are sensitive to scented candles or incense.


The Teal Center is accessible via elevator by wheelchair and for those on crutches or walkers. Each treatment room is equipped with electric tables for ease in transition. Doors and hallways are wheelchair accessible.


Some modalities at the Teal Center are performed fully clothed without compromising the benefits of treatment. Also, for some, wearing a swimsuit feels more comfortable than undergarments. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with your therapist or reception can link you to an appropriate therapist.