Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) is a massage technique that addresses the underlying cause of chronically tight muscles.

When we get a massage, our tight muscles soften temporarily, but often the muscle returns to the same level of tension we experienced prior to the massage.  This continued tension occurs because, below the level of conscious awareness, the nervous system continues to send reflexive signals to specific muscle fibers, telling them  to shorten and remain contracted.

SRT addresses the nervous system signal using a pressure point technique in a scientifically assessed and validated manner.  The net effect is that muscles throughout the entire body relax.  This technique allows you to feel each muscle lengthen, reduces pain immediately and improves range of motion.  Some communication during the treatment will be necessary but make no mistake, this is a profoundly relaxing session.  If you are ready to try a results-driven, scientific-research based, newer modality that will give you long-lasting cumulative results, ask for SRT.

Clinical Applications