Many of us here at the Center have noticed an intensification of anxiety, grief and fear over the past two weeks as global events have unfolded both at home and abroad.  It is extremely easy for our awareness to get pulled out of our immediate environment and get pushed into hopelessness, despair and pain.  The question for me that has arisen is, how do we work with these feelings in a way that supports us and others without shying away from the suffering?  Is it possible to stay soft and compassionate in the face of aggression and anger?

We now know that the Newtonian mechanistic view does not fully explain our world; quantum physics reveals a universe of potential, energy, and connection.  We all co-exist in the same quantum field and all of humanity is deeply connected in ways beyond our current comprehension.  Spiritual teachers have said that, while 95% of the world feels like it is living under a heavy, dark cloud, it only takes 5% of us standing in the light of our true divine presence, holding space for each other with clear eyes and an open heart, to begin to break up those clouds and allow the light to shine for all.

How do we do this? If you are at all inclined, now is the time to go within and clean our house from the inside.  As within, so without. We ALL carry pain from past experiences. As Rumi says, “Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place.  That’s where the light enters you.”  We can show up every day willing to see ourselves clearly, to work with our own shadows with compassion and forgiveness. Our shadows are rooted in our subconscious programming deriving from our parents, our ancestors, our culture and society.  When we gain clarity on how our subconscious beliefs create our thoughts and our emotions, we stop projecting our pain onto others and we learn true, unconditional self-love.

When we begin this process, it may feel too big, too heavy and too scary.  Even overwhelming.  If it does, please consider working with a therapist or guide to support your clearing process.  It is extremely important to be grounded in a heart-centered practice of self-love and forgiveness while doing this work.

I personally feel tremendous excitement about the future of humanity’s evolution.  I am witnessing the beauty that emerges as people individually heal their wounds and begin living fully from an open heart.  As we witness the acts of strength and heroism amidst conflict, standing up in their own sovereign power as individuals united together, we are being propelled towards a world of communion, unconditional love, creativity and freedom.


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