Amanda (she/her) discovered the true healing benefits of massage after breaking her femur in a bicycling accident in 1999. Massage was integral to her rehab, and revealed not only the therapeutic value of hands-on work, but also the resiliency of our bodies and the power of the collaborative relationship between practitioner and client.  Amanda spent a good chunk of her life massaging words as a journalist and editor, and benefited from so many skilled hands at The Teal Center during those years as a desk jockey and biking commuter.

The death of a close friend and coworker proved to be the catalyst that brought her to Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2010, and classmates heard plenty about her desire to join The Teal Center family. Fortunately the birth of The Teal Center's fellowship program coincided with her graduation and she jumped at the chance to deepen her knowledge of anatomy, injury and neuromuscular therapy under the guidance of Brenda Teal. She began working at our Virginia Hospital location as a full-time therapist in August 2011 and continued to build upon the foundation of a practice grounded in treating not only where you hurt but WHY you hurt. That meant plenty of continuing education in repetitive stress and sports injuries, neuromuscular therapy and trigger points, kinesiology, fascia, the effects of cancer treatment, scar work and the physical toll of stress on the body.

Amanda briefly left The Teal Center to work alongside a chiropractor at an integrative wellness center in Arlington and is grateful for the experience as it deepened her knowledge and allowed her to connect the dots even more between nutrition, exercise, stress, posture, movement and pain.

She rejoined The Teal Center family in June 2020, realizing the support of a massage therapy community was essential to navigating a post-CoVid healthcare environment. The through line  that has guided her from journalism to massage is listening. Every body tells  a story and she strives to meet clients wherever they are in their own story and respond in a way that relieves pain, reminds them of their resiliency and honors their own power to heal.

I trust Amanda as an essential member of my wellness team for managing my chronic lower back and hip pain and post-thrombotic syndrome. Amanda embodies patient-centered care. She is a compassionate listener and a knowledgeable masseuse who is constantly pushing herself to learn and grow for the benefit of her clients. Amanda works with me to understand how I use my body and uses that knowledge to inform her treatment. I feel seen as a person, in less pain, and in better spirits after working with Amanda.

- Anna M. Quider, Ph.D.