Jasper (they/them or he/him) came to massage with chronic pain and trauma, and they have personally felt how healing bodywork can be when a practitioner takes time to really see, understand, and hold space for their client. Jasper brings this into their work by truly listening to your needs and goals, and by making sure that people of all body types feel welcome and comfortable.

Jasper graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Justice from Oberlin College in 2018, where they became involved in community organizing and trauma support roles. Through those experiences, they saw how intentional bodywork can be transformative for emotional as well as physical healing, and decided to switch careers to become a massage therapist. They graduated from Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in September 2020, and have recently joined The Teal Center through their Fellowship program. They specialize in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and are currently taking courses to expand their skill set.

As a nonbinary transgender person, Jasper welcomes clients of all genders and expressions, and anyone with a complex relationship to their physical body. They strive to offer bodywork that is safe, consent-based, affirming, and accessible to all by centering fat liberation, harm reduction, Black and Indigenous people, people of color, and folks with disabilities. Jasper brings their experience with trauma support to their trauma-informed massage therapy approach of fostering safety, choice, collaboration, trust, and empowerment with their clients. They also enjoy reading and writing poetry, making collages with friends, being in nature, tarot card reading, astrology, and community gardens.


Jasper's schedule is typically:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays: Afternoon and evening

***Schedule subject to change (i.e scheduled time off, holidays, office closures, etc)

"The heated table was very comfortable and Jasper was very careful with my injured shoulder and attentive to my requests for more or less pressure."

- A Current Client