I’m an acupuncturist who focuses on the being itself.
Being in the world means the life (chi) following the stream of the body, mind and spirit.
Being against the world means the life (chi) pushing against the stream of the body, mind and spirit.
Life, age, illness and death are all related to who I am and where I am.

What is the healing process?
How can I reach the goal of wellbeing, happiness, no pain, no illness?
My answer is to enjoy being in the moment. I am able to help you breathe easy with needles, herbs and moxa.
This approach is helpful for many conditions, including pain, seasonal allergies, anxiety, digestive issues, reproductive health for women and men.
My purpose in my work is to support your happiness and wellbeing.

Trained in biochemistry in Seoul, South Korea, Je Un Yoo began his acupuncture studies at the Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland in 2006.  He has been a practicing, licensed acupuncturist since 2008. Je is also fully trained in Traditional Eastern Medicine and incorporates herbs, moxabustion and other healing modalities with his patients.


  • The Teal Center at Randolph Towers


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