Leslie helps people of all ages and stages connect with themselves and feel more at home in their bodies. Clients say she is knowledgeable and has a purposeful kindness and sense of compassion that allows them to dig into what isn’t working, while feeling safe and understood.
An internationally certified yoga therapist and NASM-certified personal trainer, Leslie draws on fitness and rehab exercises as well as yoga postures and practices to meet the diverse needs of her clients. She supports people with medical conditions, injuries, persistent pain, high stress levels, and the lingering effects of trauma. She also has specialized training to help people improve core and pelvic floor function and is qualified to work with pre and postnatal people.
A short-course triathlete, Leslie loves to apply therapeutic principles to her training to get stronger while managing her energy. When she isn't swimming, biking and running, she reads and spends time with family and friends.
Leslie's schedule is typically:
Tuesdays: Mid-morning through late-afternoon
Thursdays: Late-morning through late-afternoon
***Schedule subject to change (i.e scheduled time off, holidays, office closures, etc)

This has been one of the best experiences in my 25 years as a client at the Teal Center!  In the past, other yoga classes and physical therapy have sometimes caused injuries to my neck, back and joints.  Leslie’s gentle yoga therapy, however, always has positive results.  I feel good afterward and particularly appreciate the exercises/stretches she gives me to perform on my own.  Her teaching method is highly individualized and never pushes me through pain to achieve some notion of perfection.  She is incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable; her instruction is clear and includes an infinite variety of adjustments.  I have been able to pursue many of my activities, including running, weight lifting, pilates and even playing piano, with increasing ease thanks to Leslie.

- AK