Paul is a TALCA (The Australian Life Coach Academy) Certified Master Life Coach / Instructor; certified Naturopathic Reiki II therapist; certified Reflexology therapist; respected member of IARP; Executive member of IICT; and published author of a series of self-help books.   He offers a variety of holistic wellbeing practices, incorporating the physical, emotional, & spiritual elements.

With over Ten Thousand Hours of coaching & training experience, Paul recognized the need for a holistic modality, which covers the physical, emotional, & spiritual needs of an individual.   In 2016 he founded the company Body, Mind & Soul, and has developed a program incorporating Life Coaching, Reflexology, & Reiki, combined within a 60-minute session. (MBLC)

During a 1-hour session of (MBLC) clients experience a dramatic reduction in stress levels, and substantial increase in emotional stability & calm.  This unique modality combines western sciences with eastern practices, (including meditation techniques, breath work, chakra alignment, meridian balance, & prana (Chi) flow).  Paul has a natural ability to connect with a client’s specific needs, and tailors each session accordingly.