After more than 20 highly successful business years in Australia, Paul Pettit has relocated to the USA.

Paul holds a Masters Diploma in Life Coaching, is a respected member of the  IARP (International association of Reiki professionals), published author of the self-help wellness book, 9756 Miles - A Journey to Happiness, and regular contributor toward self-help workshops, wellness training programs, and self-help emotional stability programs; demonstrating a proven capacity toward achieving results.

As an established Certified Life Coach & Naturopathic Reiki Practitioner, specializing in emotional well being, Paul possess a results-based record, and shows a capacity to comfortably establish a 1 on 1 connection with his clients.The methodologies he offers are tailored to the individual needs of the client; offering guided step by step programs to achieve positive results.

“I have a purpose in life: to serve those in need”