Taran Kermani is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM). She is a core faculty professor at VUIM, teaching master- and doctoral-level courses, and has achieved Acupuncture diplomate status from the national certifying body for acupuncturists – NCCAOM.


Prior to studying acupuncture, Taran was a practicing physician in her native country of Iran. She received her medical degree from Iran University of Medical Science in 2007 and began her career in emergency medicine, working in one of the country’s underserved areas. She also served as an urgent care physician in the populous capital city of Tehran.


Upon moving to the U.S., Taran found her calling in Chinese Medicine’s ancient traditions of supporting the body’s innate healing mechanisms. While no longer a practicing physician, Taran combines her deep knowledge of human physiology and disease pathology with her training in acupuncture and other proven holistic Eastern modalities to help her patients find and maintain the physical and energetic balance necessary to heal.


Among the many conditions for which acupuncture can provide relief:

  • Osteoarthritis, Low back pain, Sciatica, Rotator cuff injuries, Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic headaches, Migraine
  • Acid reflux disease (GERD), IBS, Colitis
  • Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
  • Fatigue and Nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy
  • Menstrual irregularity, cramps, and Infertility
  • Weight loss
  • Addiction
  • Allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis, Asthma
  • Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, Stroke
  • And so much more...


Taran's schedule is typically:

Sundays: Mid-morning through evening

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Mid-afternoon through evening


*If you cannot find something that works for you, please call the front desk at 703-522-7637

**Schedule subject to change (i.e. scheduled time off, holidays, office closures, etc.)


  • The Teal Center at Randolph Towers


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"Very impressed with the skills and knowledge of Taran Kermani."

- A Current Client