Heart Opening Meditation

Our Heart Opening Meditation is moving to Fridays and will now be in person!
Join us every Friday at 1:30pm in The Teal Center classroom for a guided meditation with Crystal Kaplan.  The meditation will also be offered via Zoom; you will receive the Zoom link after registering online here.
If you have difficulty deepening into your meditation at home, group meditation can help you access the spaciousness of your body, mind and spirit. In our weekly meditation, we deepen our connection with Mother Earth, connect with our hearts and develop our capacity to know, feel and see ourselves and the world around us with more clarity.
Meditation allows us to observe the nature of our own mind and to understand how our core beliefs, which often reside in our subconscious, affect our thoughts and our emotions. The skill of holding space as the observer and the one observed offers us the freedom to choose how we interact in the world rather than simply reacting to the world. This meditation is offered as gift to the community.