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Improve performance, prevent injury, speed recovery

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At The Teal Center, we can help you reach your performance goals, on the track, court or field, as well as at work or at school.

Pain signals that something is wrong. Attending to a minor pain or an annoying condition such as a stiff neck, sore shoulder or tight hamstrings helps avoid serious injury and supports your best performance in all your endeavors.  Massage, bodywork and acupuncture can help resolve minor pain conditions quickly so you can perform better and achieve more success in both work and play. Many people experience the benefits of reduced pain and enhanced mobility, fewer serious injuries, better sleep and a clearer mind, and often experience more energy, clearer thinking, enhanced speed, strength and resilience.

Teal Center therapists evaluate each client to create a personalized treatment plan.  We work collaboratively to address your unique condition.  Depending on your needs your therapist may integrate a number of bodywork modalities, or recommend acupuncture or another specialty for you.

Optimize muscle function
Prevent injuries by discovering and correcting muscle imbalances
Speed recovery from hard workouts and after competition
Assist in rehabilitation following injury
Prepare for competition

Your practitioner can also talk with you about things you can do to make a difference, including the importance of nutrition, stretching, sleep and stress management.

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