To my Fellow Eastern Europeans

regarding the war in Ukraine

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A short description of what you might be feeling, and what to do about it. Written with love.


Like me you probably have been feeling frozen. All the trauma from our past suddenly flooding forward. I want to tell you, you are not alone in this. We all feel this way, and as Brene Brown says, the less you talk about it, the more you have it (not a direct quote).


After many days of feeling numb, unsure how to answer….how to react, how to reply to messages from friends inquiring how I am…I was finally able to fall into the feeling that has been underlying in my body.


Shock, sadness, grief. I believe this to be the unprocessed trauma from our ancestors. Most of us have horrible stories about deportation, loss of home, loss of loved ones, years of oppression, unable to speak or even to think our mind within ourselves.


I also believe this to be a chance to process this ancestral trauma. It’s our chance to do something for those who lived through it, who took on the burden of experiencing those horrendous things, and lived and maybe even died during those regimes. Or were unable and unaware to process them. It’s our chance, gift to process it for them. Bring them to your heart — see them for who they were — courageous souls who came to bring you life, to pave the path for your liberation and freedom.


I don’t know about you, but I have hidden away the horrendous stories. Sure, I have heard them, and maybe even told them to others when asked. But have I really felt it….seen the suffering for what it was? Acknowledge their sacrifice….while understanding it was their path, and they were “happy” to do it. See them for their courage, bravery.


As ancestral theory says we hold that trauma in our bodies. See if you can allow yourself to feel into it. Feel it, and release it. It just wants to be seen, acknowledged and released. Bow to those who came before you, and then set them free. Set us all free.


Seek out a friend, a healer, a therapist, a massage therapist, anyone who you feel safe with to hold or create that space for you. If you feel strong enough you can certainly do it by yourself. On a quiet moment, when you know you have enough time to feel into it. Meditate, do some breathing practices, practice some gentle yoga. Whatever works for you. But also, don’t be afraid to reach out. We are stronger together, and you don’t need to do this alone. You are not alone.

Riina is a former Teal Center practitioner who now lives in Cape Cod where she sees clients.  Her website is: https://www.commonhumanitywellness.com/

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