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How to Release Upper Body Tension

By August 25, 2021 No Comments

Feeling tense, slumped, or like your head is reaching too far forward?

Here are a few gentle, customizable movements that will likely ease upper body tension so you can stand or sit taller without having to force yourself into position. Depending on your body and how you feel, you’ll need 1 or 2 pillows, a blanket or bath towel, and maybe a rolled yoga mat. The props are intended to provide support so that you can relax into them. Fee free to get picky about the positioning of your props!

It’s impossible to relax if your body feels off in some way, so take the time you need to set yourself up for success. Question? Insights? Let us know!

If you are interested in learning more about how yoga therapy at The Teal Center can assist your healing journey, please visit www.tealcenter.com or call us at 703-522-7637.

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