Movement Therapy

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Movement therapies use movement to bring us into greater awareness of our physical bodies and to promote healing, release tension, and improve circulation.

Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Classes are currently suspended.  Please check-in at a later date or call us if you are interested in future classes. Thank you!

  • We know that yoga can be intimidating.

    Maybe you don’t think you’re flexible, or your balance isn’t great, or you have NO clue how to stop thinking when you meditate (or you’ve never tried meditation!)

    We still love you. We still think you’re an AWESOME yogi. And we think that yoga is fun, powerful, and accessible for any body.

  • Our classes are special.

    We’re going to move slowly. We’re going to explain the poses. We’re going to ask questions. We’re going to sweat!

    Our basics class (currently suspended) is dedicated to helping you fall in love with yoga (and yourself). You’ll get to explore new shapes, new ways of breathing, and new ways of relating to your own body, ALL in an accessible, fun, no-judgement way.

  • Open to all levels.

    Basics don’t mean “easy”. Even if you’re an experienced yogi, our Basics class is a perfect way to invigorate your practice, better understand alignment, or accompany a friend that’s new to yoga!

    If you’re ready to turn it up a notch, check out our Integrative Vinyasa Class (currently suspended).

When we give, we receive. $3 from your ticket is going to Charity: Water, an organization dedicated to delivering clean water to people around the globe. They are *powerful* folks on a mission, and we’re so grateful to support them.

Be a SUPER giver. When you purchase a 4-class pack, you’ll pay the same price, but an extra $8 will go to charity (yep…we’re taking less money for ourselves because we want you to give more).

Yoga Therapy

Coming Soon to The Teal Center.

Yoga Therapy uses Yoga practices, such as movement (asana) and breath work (pranayama), to identify imbalances in a person and then uses techniques to bring those aspects into balance.

Yoga Therapy is different from a yoga class in that a Yoga Therapist has been trained to work with the system of yoga to treat specific conditions. Some examples may include physical pain (back pain, shoulder injuries), anxiety disorders, cancer support, PTSD, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases, addiction, obesity, the list goes on.

In a Yoga Therapy session, the therapist will work with your specific symptoms and create a tailor-made yoga program to promote your healing needs.